Chartered Surveyors at Jones Lang LaSalle Attend Green Lecture

Simon Green

On Monday 9th March, 14 surveyors from Jones Lang LaSalle attended a lecture given by Simon Green about the Dilapidations Protocol from an engineer’s perspective.

Simon Green is an acknowledged expert in the Dilapidations Protocol and is regularly invited to present to major surveying practices and the RICS about the practical issues involved in resolving dilapidations claims.

Simon was asked to share his expertise at Jones Lang LaSalle’s office at The Walbrook Building in the City of London, having supported dilapidations assessments for several of the company’s projects.

Dilapidations liabilities usually involve mechanical and electrical equipment, which often accounts for more than 60% of the total dilapidations cost. The Green Building Design lecture covers a range of practical examples where expert engineering advice can significantly reduce the costs involved in these claims.

The Dilapidations Protocol was introduced by the RICS on 1st January 2012 as a less adversarial approach to resolving dilapidations disputes at the end of a lease and to avoid court proceedings. Appointing an engineer who understands the dilapidations protocol can significantly reduce the length of time both parties spend contesting a dispute.

With extensive experience in this role, Simon Green suggests improvements in the way Chartered Surveyors brief engineers, and covers in detail ways in which common pitfalls can be avoided.

To discuss how Green Building Design can be involved in dilapidations assessments, call us on 01992 552111.