Green Building Design Consultants has been successful in securing a place on the NHS Shared Business Services 4-year Construction Consultancy Framework

NHS Shared Business Services Framework

The framework (SBS/17/NH/PZR/9256) came into effect 1st April 2018 and runs until 31st March 2022.

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) is a unique joint venture between the Department of Health and Sopra Steria, providing business support services to NHS Trusts and associated organisations.

The SBS/17/NH/PZR/9256-Construction Consultancy Services (2) Framework Agreement brings together all the disciplines required to support organisations in the delivery of a wide range of construction and refurbishment projects.

This framework gives organisations easy access to design team suppliers, project management and ancillary technical services.

The framework delivers a range of pricing options for both new and refurbished (occupied or unoccupied) projects. Pricing options include hourly rates and percentage charges based on spend in bands. Mini-competitions can also be undertaken should the terms need to be more precisely formulated.

The framework was procured in full compliance with OJEU procedures, involving a weighted quality/price evaluation method. Therefore the rates are competitive.

The framework can be used by any NHS organisation or any public sector body e.g. police, fire, MOD, MOJ, education and registered charities etc.

An organisation must be registered as a member, directly with NHS SBS, to utilise this framework.

There is no annual framework subscription / membership charge for NHS Trusts. However there may be a nominal cost to access the agreement as an Associate Member.

Once a Trust becomes a member, it can appoint Green Building Design Consultants (GBD) through a direct call-off or via a mini-competition. Appointments can be made on a time charge basis, or on a lump sum or percentage fee, derived from the framework OJEU compliant rates.

The framework has a matrix of fee percentages for different value bands in addition to hourly rates. Fee schedules for all regions and services, along with percentage discounts, are available on request from SBS.

The services Green Building Design Consultants can provide under the framework are;

Lot 5 – Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health (MEP) Services
Lot 6 – Principal Designer Services
Lot 9 – Environmental Consultants
Lot 10 – Energy Efficiency
Lot 12 – Ancillary Services

“Green Building Design Consultants were attracted to joining the NHS SBS Framework as part of our business development strategy to offer our skills, services and competitive fees to the public sector, specifically the healthcare sector. Joining the NHS SBS Framework is also aligned with our New Authorising Engineer Services, which were launched in Feb 2018.

“We look forward, with a shared vison of working together with NHS organisations to solve their design and compliance challenges!” concludes Simon Green Director BEng (Hons) CEng FCIBSE.

For more information about the NHS SBS Framework Portal for Buyers, or if you would like to appoint GBD via this framework, please contact Tom Ryan on 01992 552 111 or email to

NHS SBS contact details are;

Nathan Hodgson (Category Manager)
T: 0161 212 3735

Dave Taylor (Category Manager)
T: 0161 212 3728

SBS/17/NH/PZR/9256-Construction Consultancy Services (2) Framework link: