Landmark offices in Farringdon Refurbished to High Specification


The building services in this landmark, 32,000 sq ft office at 50 Farringdon Road were upgraded to Category A standard to include energy efficient lighting, new shower rooms on each floor and a striking modern reception area complete with new access control system and turnstiles. The office is located adjacent to Farringdon station and two floors have already been let to

Working with CS2 Building Surveyors for ING Listed Real Estate, Green Building Design Consultants designed the complete installation following a detailed survey which highlighted opportunities to save cost by utilising existing services, where possible. The engineers also revealed the effect of water ingress into the basement over several years, which had corroded electrical equipment requiring a new main switch panel and a 1MVA intake transformer to be installed.

Heating, cooling and electrical equipment was upgraded to produce a luxury background to these executive offices with elegant showers, taps and fittings. Energy efficient lighting was specified to comply with LG7 and the Part L 2010 regulations, and 4-pipe fan coil units were mounted in the ceiling void for efficient heating and cooling.

Services had been shared with the adjoining building, so the team re-designed the installation to separate the main system from the adjacent office, whilst retaining shared heating and lighting in the basement.