Jaejae Dimmock – CIBSE Certified as a Low Carbon Consultant

Jaejae Dimmock Certified as Low Carbon Consultant

Mechanical Engineer Jaejae Dimmock has achieved his certification and is listed on the CIBSE website as a Low Carbon Consultant.

Having passed his IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) exam in 2016, Jaejae has now gained the experience necessary to be accepted as a Consultant by the CIBSE Accreditation Board.

On behalf of Green Building Design Consultants, Jaejae can advise on suitable renewable and passive technologies and controls to run a building efficiently, economically and as environmentally friendly as possible.


Low Carbon CIBSE Certificate Jaejae Dimmock

By running energy and EPC simulations on industry standard IESVE software to compare equipment performance, we advise on the best combination of technologies for each individual building, whilst also informing the client about relative costs and payback timescales.

Factors such as structural design, insulation, solar gain and air tightness are also audited during the assessment.

For more information about energy assessments, please contact jaejae@gbuild.co.uk or call us on 01992 552111.