The Facts


  • Office


  • Fully detailed data centre office design

Project Value

  • Up to 5 Million


  • London


10 Chiswell Street, London

Project Profile

Covering two floors and 10,000ft2 of this building, the project involved the creation of new offices for the London branch of a New York based trading company. The company required that each trading position be able to operate with an energy consumption of up to 1300W with an ultimate capacity of 75 traders. The energy requirements meant a number of buildings had to be surveyed in order to find a suitable building.

10 Chiswell Street was the only suitable building found and a number of modifications were required in order to increase capacity and cater for the needs of the client.

Our design incorporated a new EDF transformer to provide the extra power required. The existing generator was not of sufficient size to meet the power requirements so a new 1250kVA generator was placed on the building roof. A traditional trading floor cooling system was not suitable for the loads predicted and so a CO2 cooling system was specified – this was one of the first such systems installed in the UK.


Key Features

Works covered two floors of new build office block. Total area of approximately 10,000ft2.

Very high power demand of 1300W per trader meant it
was not possible to cool the trading floor using conventional methods without draughts. In-desk CO2 cooling system used to provide cooling to users’ computers without compromising user comfort.

Creation of new transformer room and negotiation with EDF to provide new transformer.

Replacement of existing 400kVA roof-mounted generator with new 1250kVA generator.

Two new chillers and generator required careful co-ordination with existing roof-mounted plant.

Creation of new 1500ft2 Comms Room in Basement.

Large quantities of data cables would not fit into floor void so were rerouted through ceiling void and down columns.