The Facts


  • Office


  • Fully detailed office design

Project Value

  • Up to 1 Million


  • Slough


217 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire

Project Profile

The project involved the relocation of the commercial kitchen and cafe area in the regional office of a major telecommunications company.

The kitchen and canteen were relocated from the third floor to a central location within the ground floor which had previously been used as an office and meeting room space.

A non standard approach to the engineering design was needed to tackle the issues raised as a result of the unusual position of the new kitchen within the building.

The delivery of an energy efficient solution (featuring inverter driven pumps and interlocked controls) was achieved despite the complexity of the job.

The scheme included the refurbishment of meeting and conference rooms and the creation of some additional new meeting rooms.


Key Features

Full design of 80 m2 commercial kitchen and café area for 60 people including all mechanical, electrical and public services.

Unusual location of new cafeteria within building called for innovative design solutions.

Refurbishment/creation of 4 meeting rooms and a board room.

Compliant with the latest Energy Efficiency building regulations and Health & Safety standards such as HSE CAIS 3, 10, 23 and DW172.

Project used a mix of new and relocated equipment from the third floor