The Facts


  • Office


  • Reinstatement and repair project

Project Value

  • Up to £2.5 million


  • London


50 Farringdon Road, London

Project Profile

The project involved the refurbishment of 32,000ft2 of office space to Category A standard when the previous tenant vacated the premises.

Green Building Design was employed by the landlord to survey the building and produce a design for the new Category A space reusing the existing services wherever possible. In addition to the office space, the project also involved the refurbishment of the main building reception and core sanitary facilities.

The survey revealed that the basement had undergone significant ingress of water over the years, leading to extensive corrosion of the main switch panel and electrical intake transformer. As a result, the basement was tanked to prevent future ingress and a new transformer and switch panel for the building were installed as part of the refurbishment.

The design and refurbishment took place over a period of eight months.

Key Features

• Refurbishment of Landlord’s Services and 32,000ft2 of Category A office space spread over 3 floors of this building located alongside Farringdon Station.
• Heavily corroded main switchpanel and 1MVA main transformer were replaced as part of the project.
• Existing services were retained where possible and replaced with new where this was not possible.
• Building reception refurbished with new entry system installed.
• New toilets and shower installed to each floor.
• Originally, this building was linked to the adjoining 20 Farringdon Road. As part of this project, the two services for the two sites were divorced from each other for all areas except the shared basement.
• Building was fitted out with a new reception including new access system and turnstiles
• Energy efficient lighting allowed early compliance with 2010 Part L Regulations
• Mechanical services were remodeled and adapted to suit a Category A building arrangement
• Heating and cooling to the office spaces provided by ceiling void mounted fan coil units

PROJECT VALUE: £2.5 million
CLIENT: Immediate: CS2 Building Surveyors
Ultimate: ING Listed Real Estate