The Facts


  • Industrial


  • Fully detailed warehouse design

Project Value

  • POA


  • Stoke-on-Trent


Alto415, Stoke-on-Trent

Project Profile

In terms of physical size, this project is one of the largest warehouse buildings Green Building Design have undertaken. Covering an area of over 400,000 square feet, this 17m high building has been fitted out as a Regional Distribution Centre for a major toy retailer.

The project involved the fitout of this building from its original shell and core condition to a functioning warehouse and distribution centre. In terms of services, this involved the installation of a new direct gas fired heating system, a new busbar fed lighting system at roof level, a separate lighting system in the 6m high ‘tunnels’ distributing along the building and a new sprinkler system to protect the building and stored goods. A new fire alarm system was installed along with a new PA and data system to provide smooth running of the distribution centre.

Green Building Design was employed by the main contractor to design the major services to the distribution centre which was completed within 6 months of us starting our design. Since we started this project, we have also been employed on store projects for the same client team.

Key Features

• 395,000 square feet of open warehouse fitted out to provide storage and distribution facility.
• A further 20,000 square feet of internal space arranged over three floors has been fitted out to create one floor of office
accommodation and two floors of secure storage.
• New direct gas heaters with air heating ducts running length of the building to provide a minimum heating of 8°C in winter.
• Building electricity design based on 500kW at project completion
• High level and in-rack sprinkler protection to the entire warehouse and office area, interfaced with the fire alarm system.
• Over 1400 4x80W T5 fluorescent lights required to illuminate warehouse were fed from a high level busbar system.
• Luminaires individually PIR controlled to minimize energy usage while maintaining a safe working environment
• Charging battery stations installed for 28 fork-lift and motorized pallet trucks