The Facts


  • Data Centre


  • Fully detailed data centre design

Project Value

  • Up to £2.5 million


  • Birmingham


Birmingham Data Centre

Project Profile

This project involved the redevelopment of two spaces at an existing data centre in Birmingham to create two new Tier 3 data halls with areas 330m2 (3500ft2) and 200m2 (2100ft2). The works had to take place while the rest of the data centre was live, including working around live busbars running below the floor of the larger data hall which fed an existing live data hall. Additionally, new cooling was required to these halls and the existing electrical switchboard required extending to provide power to the new area.


Works included:

  • Extension and upgrade of existing electrical switchboards
  • Installation of two 480kVA UPSs to support new data halls
  • Flood wiring to new data halls
  • Installation of 16 new downflow units to data halls
  • Integration of new data halls into existing data centre
  • Installation of new PDUs to feed new data halls from orange and green systems


Key Features

Expansion of existing data centre through the creation of two new Tier 3 data halls with a total useable area of 430m2 (4600ft2)

Design load for new data halls of 1000W/m2 at 0.8 power factor

Data centre remained live throughout the duration of the works and new data halls are integrated with the rest of the data centre

Two new 480kVA UPSs to support new data halls

Ten minute battery bank supporting the new data halls

Two separately fed transformer supplies to data centre

Each cabinet is fed by two fully independent supplies so that no cabinet has a single point of failure