The Facts


  • Office


  • Fully detailed office design

Project Value

  • Over £5 million


  • London


155 Bishopsgate

Project Profile

This project involved the redevelopment of 38,000ft2 of Category A office space within the City of London. This space was upgraded to a trading floor with support and meeting rooms. The project included the installation of new mechanical and electrical services in addition to the conversion of the existing services to suit the client’s preferred layout. Being a trading floor, the electrical system needed to be resilient so that in the unlikely event of a failure of a part of the system or incoming supply, the trading floor would still be able to function.


Works included 

  • New 2000ft2 Comms Room
  • Two 300ft2 electrical intake rooms
  • Seven conference and meeting rooms
  • Trading Floor for 300 dealers
  • Two teapoint areas
  • General offices
  • New Reception area
  • Upgrading electrical supplies to meet client’s requirements


Key Features

Creation of two Electrical Switchrooms to ensure diverse power supplies allowing traders to close positions in the event of power failure

Upgrade to two 630A electrical supplies with diverse routing to minimise possibility of power failure

New DX cooling system for Comms Room and to supplement base build VAV system for trading floor

Continuous Row Direct/Indirect Lighting to provide a pleasant ambience to the trading floor while controlling glare sufficiently to prevent distracting reflections.

Remote monitoring system to alert user immediately in the event of a failure in the system