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Project Value

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Wellingborough Distribution Centre

Project Profile

Initially we were employed to undertake a dilapidation survey on behalf of the Landlord when the tenant, a major DIY chain, moved out from the building.

The building was one of the tenant’s main distribution centres and covered an area of approximately 273,000ft² of mainly warehouse plus supporting office space.

When the building was built in 1985 it was constructed over three floors. The upper two floors were taken down during the previous tenants’ occupations and some services were left inaccessible at high level. As part of the works, these services were relocated to a more accessible location.

Shortly after the dilapidations claim was settled, a new tenant took over the building. Green Building Design were employed by the Landlord to provide an expert overview of the Tenant’s installation works and to assist in the agreement of the Landlord’s contribution to the Tenant’s fitout.

Key Features

• Dilapidations Survey of 273,000ft² warehouse
• Oversight of incoming Tenant’s fitout works
• Existing services retained where in economically useable condition.
• Only 1/3 of the heating system was operational so entire system was redesigned and replaced.
• Additional earth bonding to over 5km of lighting trunking
• Power distribution boards were removed from high level locations where they had been originally installed for access from the old 1st and 2nd floors.
• New BMS System installed to control existing heating and cooling plant