Simon Green Presents at Constructing Excellence Smart and Sustainable Design Forum

Constructing Excellence Presentation - Smart & Sustainable Design

On Thursday 9th November at Epson UK in Hemel Hempstead, Simon Green joined expert speakers to present at the Herts & Beds Constructing Excellence and Chamber of Commerce forum covering ‘Smart / Sustainable Design and Products’.

Simon Green’s presentation explained the principles of mechanical and electrical design for sustainability whilst overcoming some common misconceptions.

To an audience of designers and contractors, Simon covered the costs and benefits of various different types of “green technology” used within buildings. Current trends in electricity generation were explained, as well as the advantages of different types of green technology and some of the challenges. Suggestions were also made for architects to consider when designing buildings and specifying heating and cooling systems.

Specific recommendations were given for air source heat pumps, domestic water heating, showers and air ventilation. Examples of inappropriately designed systems highlighted the need to consider all the aspects of a building’s fabric, situation and usage.

Other presentations by Dr Richard Peace from Altro and John Hickmott from Automated Smart Homes, covered a wide scope of design issues to improve sustainability in the manufacture of building materials and selection of control equipment for domestic homes.

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Photograph shows, left to right: John Hickmott, Automated Smart Homes; Alison Nicholl, Constructing Excellence; Simon Green, Green Building Design Consultants; Epson representatives; Mary Sykes, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce; Dr Richard Peace, Altro.