Surveys and Reports

Surveys and reports


To support plans for acquisition, refurbishment or extension, we undertake detailed surveys of mechanical and electrical equipment, including HVAC, alarm systems, lifts, plumbing and lighting

Surveys include building services condition surveys in which our engineers review the condition of existing electrical and mechanical building services installations. Recommendations are made for refurbishment or replacement, founded on our extensive experience of equipment life expectancy and maintenance requirements across all makes and models of plant.

Acquisition surveys will highlight any potential issues which might arise during the leasing period, comparing maintenance costs for existing equipment versus the implications of replacing boilers, air conditioning units or complete systems.

We also undertake building energy audits to examine exactly how much energy the building is consuming, giving insight into where energy can be saved.

To check whether equipment is being maintained using best practices, we can also conduct services maintenance audits and make recommendations for facilities management.

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