About Us

We are a capable team, designing cost-effective solutions.

We aim to support the health and wellbeing of those who occupy the built environment, by providing environments that are comfortable, environmentally sound, functional and sustainable.
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Our approach to engineering design and management

Client Focus
We offer solutions that are practical, cost effective and delivered with a commitment to protecting our global environment and our limited natural resources.
Proactive Teamwork
We aim to be proactive within the professional team, working in collaboration with both the project Architect and Cost Consultant. We seek to provide clear and accurate communication of our design options, as we see this as being vital to a successful design process.
Continuous Improvement
Innovation and continuous improvement is intrinsic to what we do. We embrace modern technology and seek to inform others how such technologies can be incorporated into design enabling architects and clients to make informed decisions regarding the creation of the best possible environment within budget.
Ongoing Support
Collaborative working and timely release of agreed design deliverables are fundamental to an efficient construction process and we strive to ensure that the quality of information provided facilitates the construction and post occupation success of all projects.
Careers at Green Building Design

Join our apprentice engineer programme

We actively support degree-level apprenticeship programmes, working with London based universities. Contact us for more details.
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