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  • Data Centres - our approach
    As the internet has expanded into every part of our life, the need for data centres to support this has also expanded. With such an important role, it is vital that data centres remain operational under all circumstances with outages avoided wherever possible.

    Green Building Design will work with you to determine the level of resilience your data centre requires, for example does it need to remain operational at all times or can parts be shut down to allow routine maintenance, and will prepare a design which achieves this level of resilience. The most resilient data centres are designed so that no single failure or shut down for maintenance will affect operation.
  • Designs to save energy consumption
    Worldwide it is estimated that data centres consume approximately 200 TWh of electricity every year and this figure is rising as the internet becomes an ever more important part of our way of life. To put this in perspective, the UK used 287 TWh of electricity during 2020. 

    The efficiency of a data centre is measured in its Power Utilisation Effectiveness which is the ratio of energy used by a data centre to the energy used by the IT load. All data centres require cooling and this is often the main cause of inefficiencies, and therefore higher PUEs, within data centres. Green Building Design can work with you to determine the method of cooling which will help improve efficiency and provide the lowest combination of installation and operational costs.
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