November 10, 2021

Green Building Design Consultants help put Grade II listed building Sarratt Hall on the path to a zero carbon future

Sarratt Hall

Sarratt Hall, a beautiful Grade II building constructed in the late 18th century, was suffering from high heat loss due to no wall insultation and single glazing. Common challenges found amongst historic buildings and one that Green Building Design Consultants, with extensive experience in retrofitting historic buildings, were able to help with.

The owners of Sarratt Hall were passionate about making the building as green as possible. The Green Building Design team created IES models, to help identify the best ways to reduce both energy and carbon emissions, whilst conserving the historic fabric of the building.

Recommendations were to install air source heat pumps with a field of PV panels to offset any electrical costs. The Green Building Design team also assisted the client with estimates for the renewable heat incentive and provided details cost analysis and payback calculations.

With construction about to start on site, the following improvements will be made to Sarratt Hall:

- Installation of air source heat pump to heat and provide hot water to the property

- Upgraded electrical supply

- New thermal store to accommodate hot water demand

- New and refurbished radiators, in keeping with the historic fabric of the building

All of these energy efficiency measures, along with the client’s commitment to making Sarratt Hall as green as possible, will see this magnificent building greatly reduce both its energy usage and carbon emissions.

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