February 5, 2013

New Building Services for 273,000 sq ft Warehouse Relocation

This warehousing and distribution centre serves the UK from its central location in Wellingborough. When a major DIY chain moved out of the building, Green Building Design Consultants supported the landlord with engineering advice on dilapidations as well as ensuring the new tenant’s building services design was economic and fit for purpose.

Having originally been constructed as a three storey building in 1985, the two upper floors had since been removed and power distribution boards were left inaccessible at a high level. These were removed and relocated on the ground floor. Only a third of the extensive heating system was functioning so this was redesigned and replaced.

The building is so large it contains over 5km of lighting trunking, for which additional earth bonding was specified. Heating and cooling plant throughout the warehouse and offices is now controlled by a dedicated Building Management System.

Green Building Design Consultants worked with Tuffin Ferraby Taylor for client Pruprim, supporting a dilapidations assessment based on the contract held with the vacating tenant. The engineers also provided an expert overview of the new tenant’s installation works, helping to obtain an agreement for the value of contribution from the landlord towards the cost of the project.

Industrial unit energy design in Wellingborough
Industrial unit energy design in Wellingborough

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