November 19, 2019

New Chiller Replacement for The Shipping Building

Green Building Design Consultants designed an efficient cooling system for the landmark Shipping Building in Hayes, including two new 580kW Airedale ‘DeltaChill’ air-cooled chillers, office fan coil units and upgraded BMS controls. As a result, energy performance has been greatly improved, working environments have been enhanced, and operating costs significantly reduced.

Shipping Building - M&E Design
The Shipping Building

The Shipping Building in Hayes is one of three ‘art deco’ buildings on a site known as ‘The Old Vinyl Factory’, designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners and constructed in 1927 for the Gramophone Company (EMI). The building was refurbished in 2001 to provide open plan accommodation for international

companies such as Sonos, CHAMP Cargosystems and GoDaddy.

In 2018, Green Building Design Consultants were appointed with 2110 Consult to review the building services and design an efficient cooling system to improve the energy performance of HVAC systems throughout the entire 100,000 sq ft building. As well as enhancing working environments, the overall aim was to reduce operating costs and improve the EPC rating for office suites and public areas. Engineers at GBD carried out surveys and energy modelling, specified performance criteria for the new chiller unit, and prepared tender documents detailing requirements for the chillers, pipework, fabrications, anti-vibration mountings and installation procedures.

According to Simon Green, “Achieving sufficient cooling capacity for all the offices as well as reduced environmental impact was no easy task. Our team produced a very workable solution which has considerably reduced operating costs.”

For more information about Green Building Design Consultants, please contact the team on 01992 555211.

For more information on The Shipping Building, please visit Shipping Building.

Chiller Unit being uploaded to The Shipping Building, Hayes
Chiller Unit being uploaded to The Shipping Building, Hayes

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