September 30, 2016

South Bucks Hospice is Taking Shape

The new South Bucks Hospice is now water tight and all new mechanical and electrical equipment is being installed. To create a comfortable environment and keep running costs to a minimum, a practical range of renewable technologies has been incorporated together with chilled beams, energy efficient lighting and heating systems.

The hospice is on the site of the former Kingswood School on Totteridge Lane, High Wycombe. The charity-funded building includes treatment rooms, a sanctuary room and two counselling rooms. It provides space for expansion and replaces two separate facilities which were proving difficult to manage to provide the levels of care required.

Green Building Design Consultants are working with VGA architects and main contractor Jarvis. The expected completion date is January 2017.

South Bucks Hospice M&E System Design
South Bucks Hospice Construction Site

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