December 23, 2021

Strategic Energy Review

Find out how to reduce the cash and carbon your buildings are burning.

Energy-inefficient buildings are a drain on business finances and a threat to the environment. And the “perfect storm” of rising fuel prices, carbon tax, ever-tighter Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and net zero targets is putting your business under increasing pressure to bring its buildings into line – or face both monetary and legal consequences.

At Green Building Design Consultants, we are offering your business a free, no-obligation, strategic energy review of your buildings in February 2022. This initial feasibility consultation will allow us to provide comprehensive recommendations for action, and worked examples of improved environmental impacts and potential cost savings.

Key Challenges

Energy costs are spiralling

The price of wholesale gas has gone up 250% since January 2020. Electricity prices for SMEs reached record highs in the second quarter of 2021, and there is no price cap on energy for UK businesses.

You’re getting hit three times

Energy inefficiency hits your business once on the bill, again with the price rises, and finally when you pay the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

Compliance has teeth

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) standards for all rented properties – including non-domestic – are set to tighten. Larger companies must now, by law, report on their annual energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency actions.

Environment means reputation

Today, 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues. 58% of employees now consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work. 68% of investors have now integrated ESG into their decision-making. How does your business’s energy efficiency look in the light of that?

“Green bling” won’t work

Poorly thought-out energy-saving features can effectively fight with each other, pushing energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions in the wrong direction.

Key solutions

Understand your current position

A review/audit of existing energy usage is key to understanding the where and whys of energy usage and inefficiency in your buildings, and identifying the best strategy to address it. (Take advantage of our free, no-obligation, strategic energy review for just this purpose in February 2022).

Model outcomes before you commit

To save time, effort, and budget, and ensure that the actions you take work in harmony with each other and don’t achieve the opposite effect, simulate the energy efficiency of your buildings in a virtual environment, using complex, sensitive thermal modelling.

Analyse the costs

Identify the most financially feasible low-carbon solutions and like-for-like replacements from what can often be a bewildering range of options.

Insist on a consultative approach

The energy dynamics of buildings are complex, and every case is different. Work with specialists whose consultative and individualised approach will accommodate the special requirements of your business.


- Free initial consultation with Simon Green

- The identification of your objectives

- Assessment of your current energy use and management, and a review of energy consumption data

- A review of policies and strategies that have already been implemented

- Comprehensive recommendations on how to achieve your objectives


To book your free, no-obligation strategic energy review, or for more information about Green Building Design’s services, get in touch.

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